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An explicitly spiky

feminist rom-com!

What happens when a pickup artist seeks relationship advice from a feminist academic? This hilariously explicit new comedy examines our understanding of the ‘female mind’.

Ish Madigan is a feminist academic writing a thesis on computer games. Jake Newhouse is a full-time management consultant and part-time pickup artist. They’re not exactly best friends.


But when Jake’s latest crush – a brilliant Danish librarian – doesn’t respond to his usual seduction techniques, he knows he needs help. Jake asks Ish to coach him in feminist-friendly flirtation. He’ll pay. And Ish needs the money.


So, what’s stopping her? Oh, you know, just ethics, morals and every fibre of her being.


From the pen of Australian playwright and social commentator Van Badham comes this hilariously explicit new comedy. BANGING DENMARK is a swinging satire on the men who claim to understand the ‘female mind’ and the online culture that inspires them.


Allison Van Gaal (Normal) directs a fabulously funny cast including Megan Kennedy (Puffs), James Chapman (Things I Know to be True), Stephanie Hilkman (Chicago), Guilherme Norohna (Keeping Up Appearances) and Katie Blaxland (Jersey Boys). Swipe right.


Approx. duration 1hr 40 mins (no interval). 

Content warning Strong language, adult themes, sexual references, theatrical haze. Recommended for ages 14+

Friday 28th April, 7:30pm

Saturday 29th April, 2pm  & 7:30pm

Wednesday 3rd May, 7:30pm

Friday 5th May, 7:30pm

Saturday 6th May, 2pm & 7:30pm

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Dig deeper and learn more about the show.

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