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The people of Newcastle are use to waking up with "Ducko" on the widely popular breakfast radio show on Hit 106.9, but soon a theatre going audience will be introduced to the acting talents of Nick Allen-Ducat. 


Nick will be showcasing his theatrical talents and enchanting  audiences this May as he treads the boards and stars as the dashing Cedric Diggory in the hugely anticipated Puffs at the Playhouse.


Taking on the role of the charming yet flawed Diggory, this isn’t the actors first time on the boards. He has previously been seen on Australian stages with his work for Shake n' Stir Theatre Company but this debut performance for The Very Popular Theatre Company will aslo be his first time on a Newcastle stage.

Before Nick and his fellow misfits share the stage when Puffs  makes it's Newcastle debut on May 6, Nick has answered 5 questions for us, sharing his experiences working on the show, his thoughts on inspiring fellow cast, how Puffs is both fun and touching, and his favorite spots in Newie.

1. What inspired you to audition for this play?

​Acting has always been my first love and passion ever since I can remember. But, as we all know the industry is a fickle beast that constantly requires you to be adaptable and keep moving forward in whatever capacity you can. For me that was down the radio path in recent years, but the acting flame was always burning bright. So when I saw the opportunity to audition for such a good production like ‘Puffs’ (one I had seen in Melbourne before) I knew it was the right project to dust of the theatre shoes and jump back in!! Plus it’s amazing when you are satisfied creatively in life, just how much it relaxes you for the audition process and actually makes it…. fun! ​

2. Who in your field inspires you?

I never know what to say to this question, I feel as though I should have a list of past greats that I look up to and inspire to be like. But to be honest I can’t pin point it to one specific person. Sure there are plenty of famous actors I love and enjoy watching as well as radio personalities I admire. But right now I’m more inspired by anyone who is willing to put themselves out there and have a go creatively. Online or on stage there are so many talented people out there and it’s been such a tough time for the arts with the pandemic, it takes courage and serious heart to keep moving forward. So I guess my inspiration isn’t one person but lots of different creatives every day that motivate me to be the best I can.

3. What will audiences be most excited about seeing Puffs?

If you love the magical world that it’s based on, you will LOVE THIS!! It’s fast paced, very funny and such a talented cast that I’m in awe of every day. I think people will love the magical place it takes them too. Their inner child will certainly come out with loud roars of laughter. Also if you love badgers you will love this, who doesn’t love a badger!

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4. What is something you've learnt while rehearsing this show?

How much I have missed the process of discovery and play. The cast in ‘Puffs’ are so talented and always make me laugh, we are constantly discovering new moments every single rehearsal and I love that it never feels the same. I have learnt how supportive and caring the Newcastle theatre community is, everyone wants to create the best production possible! I also learnt that a pencil is better for notes in your script over a pen… I learnt that the hard way. 

5. What is your favourite thing to do in Newcastle?


Anything to do with the beach really. Swimming, surfing, walking the dog we are spoilt for choice with our beaches here!! 
Also eating out, Newy has an incredible food and drink scene so it would be rude not to support it. 

You can catch Ducko in Puffs at the Civic Playhouse, and follow him on Instagram @ducko___ 

(Yes, thats right! 3 underscores!)

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