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Loss, grief, regret

and forgiveness


Winner of the 2022 Stoddart Playwright Award!


Two semi-estranged sisters Olli and Min meet at the deathbed of their mother Moira. In the strange half light of the hospice, they try to reconcile each other’s lives and choices as they say goodbye. In these final hours, Olli’s marriage breakdown and Min’s work-life imbalance come into sharp focus with the help and/or hindrance of ‘Bill’. Whoever Bill is! 

But behind both sisters is another ghost, that of their little brother Michael. His tragic disappearance and the blame and guilt surrounding this event has haunted Olli and Min throughout their lives. Will they finally have the chance to forgive each other and more importantly themselves?

Vanessa Bates' CHIPPER is a new play about loss, grief, regret, and forgiveness, and about finding the strength to say goodbye to the past and the joy in facing the future.

CHIPPER contains adult language and themes and is not recommended for children under the age of 10.

Saturday 29th July, 7:30pm

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